Sunday, January 1, 2017

An absolute perfect first day of the year.

To say that today was the quintessential 'Touch and Go' day would be the understatement of the.. well... year. But we are Africans, and as we all know, Africans know how to make plans.

When we decided to come to Canada last year, the Hubs and I started scouring the web for races to run during our planned visit. When I came across the (32nd!) annual Vancouver Resolution Run scheduled for 1 January 2017, we were elated and entered ourselves promptly. This was in August already. Free technical jackets for early bird registrations had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Vancouver, being in Canada, can get very cold in winter, but since it is at the coast it doesn't snow as much as in the interior of the country. Unless the Scholtze wants to have a white Christmas. Then Vancouver receives a LOT of snow!

Yesterday, the 31st of December, was overcast all day and snow fell for most of the day. When we came home late afternoon, snow had accumulated in the streets where we are staying, and parking our little rented vehicle was a huge mission - it slipped and almost got stuck in the piles of snow next to the road! Snow kept on falling, and as the night skies cleared, temperatures started to drop into the negatives... We were so excited for our planned family run on New Year's day, but I started to doubt if we would be able to make our way across town for the 10am start in these conditions, completely new to us desert dwelling Namibians!

For starters, we didn't have a clue how we would fit our rented double stroller into the trunk of our tiny car. The Hubs and I tried briefly outside in the snow yesterday, but then gave up. We contemplated taking the bus, but that would mean leaving home before sunrise, two hours before the start of the race, and standing around in the cold.

This morning we woke up to a stunningly beautiful, frozen, sunny Vancouver New Year's day. The snow of the past few days had swaddled the entire landscape in a soft, white blanket. It was a sight to behold!

Rice Lake, Lynn Valley, just up the road.

North Vancouver.

After we pried open the car doors, which were frozen shut, the Hubs managed to fit the double stroller in the tiny car with some seating rearrangements. Donning the entire content of our suitcases, we set off for downtown.

The guys and gals from Denman Running Room really went all out to make this run a memorable one. The route followed 5km on the seawall around Stanley Park, and even passed through a light house, the boys loved it! Some sections were really icy, while we ran on fresh snow in other areas; a real technical trail in the heart of Vancouver - so much to love!

The highlight for me was that the boys really loved running short sections in the beginning, and how they were both so excited to run the last section towards to finish line. Zee thought everyone ran in aid of rhinos again (he thinks all races are Rhino Runs), and he was pretty impressed with the turnout (melting my heart).

After the race we all huddled inside the store where they had hot chocolate, juice, bananas, bars and to-die-for choc-chip cookies. We warmed up a bit while celebrating our terrific start to what promises to be a beautiful year, before we headed out for a stroll and sledding on the snowy north shore foothills. (Yes we froze. Yes, we had several meltdowns by kids and some adults. No, we don't have it all down to a tee but we TRY, we always try...) But more on trying and failing and trying some more in another post ;)

We ran the Resolution Run in Swakopmund last year, but the start was at midnight instead of the 10 am Vancouver start this year. I suppose a midnight run in this cold might have been a tad different to the Swakop cold, so luckily it was during the day. Hopefully we will be able to turn this into a family tradition of sorts, wherever we will find ourselves on future New Years days.

Denman Resolution Run #32, around 200 entries!

Fresh snow/sludge, Stanley Park.

'Ice skating' waiting to start the race.

Happy New Year, dear readers, and thank you for being part of our journey!


  1. Die heerlikste post ooit! En wat 'n heerlike ervaring, Saartjie - ek het SOOOO lekker saamgelees!

    Ahem, en mag ons aSHeblief nou die free technical jackets sien...?! ;)

    Lief julle!! xxxxx

    1. Hy was sooo lekker Saar! Baie dankie vir die saammaak xxx
      Die baadjie was nou nie een om oor (huis toe) te skryf nie, maar vir nou help hy darem warm hou!! Xxxx