Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pile on the Miles Challenge 2016

After a post and invitation by my fabulous cousin from Kimberley New Zealand(!), I signed up for the free virtual challenge to 'pile on the miles' during the month of November. This challenge is hosted by Monica from Run Eat Repeat with the aim to motivate participants to pick a fitness goal, commit to it and keep them accountable by having them report on it on a daily basis.

 I have signed up for yet another exciting marathon coming up in December, and true to form I am still tired from reminiscent of my most recent event, the Otter African Trail Run (report to follow soon). So between that and lots of other things going on right now I have struggled a bit to commit to a training plan. When I saw this challenge I viewed it as the best opportunity to kick my resting bones into action once again.

My goal is to run for at least 30 minutes every other day during the challenge period. I kicked it off today by dusting off running on the treadmill for 30 minutes tonight, doing 5 k's after the boys were in bed. The treadmill is actually my last resort to running, as late night running is such a chore for me, and I easily chat myself out of it. I'd much prefer fitting in a run during the day by incorporating it as a fun activity with the boys, but that doesn't always go according to plan. This is another goal of mine, actually. Whether the boys join in the stroller, on their bikes, running along with me or play nearby while I do sprints or run laps around the track, it would be great to have an effective running workout that also translates into a positive experience for them. When my Hubs is home I am spoiled with heaps of solo running time, so when he does have to travel for work I get to be a little more creative with my approach to working in my much needed runs. We will get there, I know. We just need to keep reinventing ourselves.

The invitation to Pile on the Miles is open and free for all. Perhaps you need some motivation during this time of year to keep up your fitness while everything and everyone else slows down, or you just want to join and share in the fun (apparently there is free stuff given away daily), pop on over to Run Eat Repeat and join the challenge.


  1. Ag, eeeeeeek - SO lekker dat jy saammaak, Saar! Baie opgewonde om oor jou Desember-marathon te lees, en ek VERSTAAN jou derde paragraaf of ek hom self geskryf het. Baie liefnis en lekker hol! xxxx