Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Training update

Four days before the next challenge and I've not even posted an update on the previous huge adventure, our glorious time in Europe and the Zermatt Marathon! What a trip that was. Hopefully I'll get around to a proper recap of the whole Zermatt ordeal event. But first an update of the here and now.

This  Saturday, 3 October, I will hopefully line up for the Lucky Star Marathon taking place at the Namibian coast. The Lucky Star will be my second official marathon although this will be the first road marathon, where the Zermatt Marathon was an alpine trail run. The Lucky Star is a relatively fast and flat one, starting in Swakopmund and ending in Walvis Bay (this is the first year that the route is this way around, previous years' races always started in WB). It will also, hopefully, serve as a qualifier for me for the Two Oceans Ultra which I hope to run in 2016. I competed in the Half-marathon category of the Lucky Star last year and clocked a PB  in this distance. Hopefully we will experience nice, cool weather again with a slight northerly wind in our backs. One can hope..

Yesterday marked the official start of The Taper. Yes, Tapering needs to be capitalized, because for some it marks the start of an awful period of putting in less miles and the associated withdrawal symptoms. For me, currently, it serves as the mark to a wonderful week of blissful denial! I have to admit that, after Zermatt, I tried my bestest to commit to my previous marathon training programme again, but it just didn't stick. So instead, after a prolonged period of disappointment and a subsequent (short) loss of interest, I switched to a time-based programme (instead of the previous mileage-based programme) and I have to say it made things a lot easier. Possibly too easy... now with hindsight! But alas, we are in Tapering week and what will be will be. Nothing really I can do about it now, except blissfully indulge in some rest (hahaha, we moved house today... *follow ironical and cynical sneers*) and a few short happy runs.

Just a small peak at our current accommodations. ..

Our tiny castle in the middle of beautiful Damaraland...


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