Monday, May 11, 2015

A warm hello again...

My word, seems like life got in the way of blogging again, and so much have happened since our last proper update. So we moved house... way out of town and into the small desert town of Uis ( Uis used to be a small little mining town where they mined tin, and now remains a tourist stop-over and oasis for travelers visiting the Brand Berg area or goes on northward towards Etosha. 

Brandberg is the highest mountain in Namibia, and sits like a majestic beacon among the gently undulating plains. With Uis situated to the south-east of the Mountain, we experience the most beautifully coloured views of her during early morning runs when first light falls gently on her eastern side. 

Early morning light on Brandberg during a trail run. My absolute favourite time and place.

Sunrise over the eastern koppies. Serene. Only the crunch of running shoes and birds chatting. 

And after a tough day of heat and dust we are rewarded with the most spectacular sunsets. We (the Hubs) literally drop everything when it becomes THAT time of day and grab the camera. Every evening is different, but always rewarding. After Lawrence Green... Namibia: Land of the Afternoon. The phrase etched into our minds, through experience, not by choice!

Sunset across the derelict Uis golf course. Magnificent Brandberg after a hot day.

Brandberg. Last light. Barking geckos. Peace.
The boys are having a tremendous time here. It is much hotter than the coastal weather into which they were born and pretty much were used to for all of their short lives. But true to (boy) human nature they adore water play and absolutely love the fact that they can be and stay wet most of the time.

Mud pools, artificial or after rain... a new concept for these coastal boys!

Eating ice lollies, a daily treat in this hot weather.

Our favourite bush outings: An empty skip and a huge can of water is an instant splash pool in the middle of nowhere. 
We are still training for our big events this coming July in Switzerland. Nico is training to climb the Matterhorn after I hopefully complete the Zermatt marathon on 4 July. When we were still in Swakop I started running with the Swakop Striders, a beautiful bunch of wacky runners, and I must admit that I would have LOVED running more weekend long-runs with them during this phase of my training. The camaraderie and friendly banter (not to mention the support when the going gets tough) is something that one really miss once you got to know it. I have been used to running alone for as long as I have been running, but having the option to run with like-minded friends now once in a while when we are in Swakop is just gets me so excited.

Which brings me to the event that we are organising in Uis late in June (after Comrades and before Zermatt). While we were still living in Swakop Nico and I started contemplating a trail running event hosted in Uis in aid of Save The Rhino Trust (SRT) ( With the recent increase in rhino poaching we (and the rest of Namibia, it seems) feel very strong to support organisations that actively protect rhinos from poaching. SRT has recently launched a pro-active anti-poaching campaign and restructured their previously, mainly monitoring approach. SRT essentially strives to protect the desert adapted black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) through monitoring and now active patrolling of the range of these black rhino. 

We introduced the idea of the Brandberg Rhino Run to our friends and colleagues and the support has been astonishing from the word go. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Namibia supports endeavours to protect our natural heritage, that which belong to our children and is only borrowed to us. Our fellow Uisers feel just as protective and proud of the natural splendour of this region as we do, and is just as eager to share it with our friends. So all in all the reception and support for the event has been tremendous, and financial support and pledges has been rolling in at a heartwarming rate. We are so, so thankful.

We will try to update more frequently, and would love to hear from you all every once in a while as well!

Much love and gratitude
Us in Uis


  1. Sjoe, asemrowende foto's, Serie! SO trots op julle event - en vir so 'n wonderlike doel! xxxx

  2. Baie dankie Saartjie, ook vir jou altyd-ondersteuning! Xxx