Sunday, October 12, 2014


Training for Eden Duo in Wildernis South Africa - running in the Ivorian Jungle - breathtakingly humid, hot and beautiful.

The French way is probably not the best way to get energy levels up for a race - the boutique wine bought in a nearby village (yes a village) says all you need to know about the Ivorian (aka French) way in West Africa...


  1. Brave, brave man! Love you lots xxx

  2. Dis nogal daunting om te hol... baie baie mooi, maar geen mense en elke nou en dan spring een uit n bos uit langs jou en jy skrik jou *&£-#* af!!! Plus die super hitte (hlja dis warklm, baie baie warm) is nie te versmaai nie. Geen wonder dis die armpit of Africa nie...