Friday, October 24, 2014

Ready, steady...

We are as ready and prepared for this race as we will ever be. After spending the afternoon packing and repacking our race backpacks we found that we had to leave some stuff behind that won't fit in the backpack since, well, uhm, we never actually tested the pack after we filled the 3 litre hydration bladder. Three litres of water takes up a whole lot of space. (Oh, are you assuming that we never actually ran carying a hydratuon pack? Really, why?)

Packing our gear for the Eden Duo multisport race.

Tomorrow morning we'll be up and off before the crack of dawn since the race starts six and we still need to fit two coffees and a 20 min drive to the starting line before that.

Ouma and Oupa are geared and briefed and already in bed to get a good head start for their adventures with the boys while we sweat it out in the bush.
Moto-moto lined up and ready for take off runway zero-six, report next after job complete.